Lee Towe

The identification of zero sum games should be taught in seventh grade. But it's not. Everyone should be able to recognize the win-lose or lose-win characteristic in a situation. But we don't. And it leads to foundational problems in society.

So Pie Growers sprouted from a life-long yearning that we reach a tipping point where a critical mass of people know how to identify synergistic solutions and lead others in that direction. The situations go from business to social work, presidents to school classrooms; groups of 3 million people to 3 people.

My ultimate hope is that the zero sum mentality that breeds bullying, depression, and anxiety will go away. When comparisons to one another (win-lose) make way for individual visions within each person's grasp. Visions that allow us to sincerely cheer for one another without fears that another person's success will diminish our own. A hope for longer views that allow for short-term inequities that seem unavoidable. 

The world will still be full of disappointments and sadness. Our mortality makes it inevitable. But it is possible for all people to be on the same team more often. For the infinite supplies of encouragement and attention to increase as everyone contributes. And to lessen the pressures that contribute to mass shootings.

Those are big hopes. And growing the pie isn't the only tool to be used because not every problem is a nail. But we can move the needle. We can try to understand this area better ourselves and try passing that knowledge along to others. And if it happens often enough, the needle begins to move. The scales begin to tip. And the world's a better place. Including our own little corner.

As it happens, these same skills make us better leaders, better negotiators, and better project managers. So we can attribute the learning we do about "growing the pie" to work. But the side effects are pretty sweet, as well. Keep on growin'. I'm rootin' for ya.

- Lee


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