What is PieGrowers?

PieGrowers is a training program designed to teach employees how to find win-win situations, increase collaboration, and improve strategic thinking.

We help businesses avoid the cost of missed opportunities by training them to uncover hidden solutions that will benefit everyone.

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Our Process

When you sign up for the Pie Growers training, you receive in-depth training on how to improve creativity, strengthen analysis, and increase collaboration within the workplace. We provide training through various avenues, including videos, downloadable material, and audio files. This program is designed to help you adopt a pie-growing mindset and use it in the workplace and in everyday life, so we also include articles, checklists, and assessments that will ensure you're learning.

Our training is divided into three parts: Foundation courses (12 hours), Skills courses (36 hours), and Master courses (12 hours). Throughout the training, you will receive official badges and certificates for reaching different milestones that can be used and displayed on your resume, CV, LinkedIn, etc.

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Training includes videos, audio files, and downloadable materials that focus on understanding what pie growing is, how to expand your mindset to see hidden solutions, and how to use this attitude to benefit yourself and others.

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We include assessments after each course to ensure you understand the material and can eventually use the pie growing mindset on your own. It's a simple way for you to check for understanding!

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Badges & Certificates

Throughout the training, you will reach certain milestones where you will be rewarded with different certificates and badges. Final completion of all 60 hours means you are ready to show others how to adjust their mindset, too!

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Skills Courses:
Creativity, Analysis, and Collaboration

After completing the Foundation courses, you'll move on to the Skills courses. This training phase focuses on the three keys to pie growing: creativity, analysis, and collaboration.

The Creativity courses cover 12 hours of training focused on learning how to strategize, envision, brainstorm, and explore.

The Analysis courses cover 12 hours of training focused on learning how to decide, calculate, organize, and define.

The Collaboration courses cover 12 hours of training focused on learning how to execute, negotiate, facilitate, and empathize.

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Not ready to jump in yet? Gain access to the first 12 hours of training FREE. Because Pie Growers is focused on creating win-win situations, we're excited to offer our Foundation courses for FREE; your team will have complete access and we will never ask you to pay.  Sign up to gain access to the Pie Growers training now!

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Receive training wherever you are—it's all online!

We offer courses 100% online so you can receive training from the comfort of your home, on your commute, in the cafe—or wherever you want! The best part is the courses are accessible 24/7, so you don't need to tune in at a specific time. This means you can work your way through the courses each week at your own pace.

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