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Pie Growers create synergy among groups.

Pie Growers overcome the assumption of fixed pies.

Pie Growers facilitate solutions that are good for all parties.


This site is a place for people who want to

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Watch this introductory video. You'll get answers to these questions in about three minutes. Who is this for? What's the pie? Who are growers? When is it helpful? What's in it for you? Is it free? What's coming up?


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Lee's former company was a Charter Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute. He helped bring a strong project management culture to several large companies. And successfully prepared about 1,000 people for the PMP exam.

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3 Competency Areas

12 Skills

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Analysis - Blue

Collaboration - Green

10 Upcoming Pie Growers Original Videos

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Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano joins American Drew Morgan and Russian Alexander Skvortsov on a July 20, 2019 launch to the International Space Station. That date is the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon. Luca gives us his perspectives on what it takes for world leaders to get along.

Metropolitan cities and suburbs don't always cooperate on services - even when it would make financial sense. So how were nine communities able to agree on a single site they would all use as a warehouse facility to store road salt? See drone footage of the facility and secrets to the meetings that created their working agreement.

What happens when a long-standing psychological experiment goes to the site of an NCAA March Madness venue? Ten fun sets of thumb wrestlers show us just how ingrained the win-lose mentality is in our society. 

Rejection and closing doors only served as additional motivation. Nancy Mwirotsi found ways to win hearts and financing so that young people could move from being recent refugees to successful programmers and scientists. It's influence without authority in action. See how you can apply some of the same principles in your organization. 

Von Miller is a standout pass rusher for the Denver Broncos. Why would he hold a summer event that includes pass rushers from several other NFL teams? We take our cameras there to find out. See behind-the-scenes footage from the on-field and film room venues along with short interview segments. What hope does that give you for working with other companies on cooperative ventures?

Kyle Horn grew weary of seeing good people with problematic backgrounds being blocked from employment opportunities. So he decided to do something about it. But it would take open minds at many organizations to make it work. How has he made it possible? And what can we all learn from it?

What's the easiest way to convey information to 300 employees at a two-day retreat before the start of a new year? PowerPoint? No!! Not this time! See what happens when a bold and creative approach is tried at this important two-day planning event. What are the results and what can we take away from the power of that moment?

Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, has a new book coming out June 4, 2019. It's called The Infinite Game. He has given credit to James Carse and his book Finite and Infinite Games as inspiration. We sit down for an interview with the long-retired James Carse in his rural Massachusetts home to better understand an infinite game. And how it began with the games his kids played. Get your ping pong balls and string ready. It's a different take on avoiding zero sum games.

Physicist Safi Bahcall decided to cure cancer. And befriended Dr. Judah Folkman along the way. Judah had an innovative but unusual theory about treating cancer. So unusual that it made him a laughingstock for many years. Until the theory gained merit. Safi shares stories about this and other Loonshots from his book of that name. And tells us how to Listen to the Suck with Curiosity.

Lee Towe developed a training simulation with two scoring factors. One total score was a fixed sum. The other was variable depending on the cooperation of six communities in the room. Peoples' consistent lack of differentiation between the two is a big reason Pie Growers was launched. See if you can begin to recognize ways around zero sum games more easily by identifying the characteristics.

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